INS Jatayu commissioning marks a milestone for India’s naval presence in Lakshadweep

With its commissioning on March 6, 2024, INS Jatayu will bolster India’s naval presence in Lakshadweep and improve responsiveness and security in the region. Given its advantageous location, it can effectively address geopolitical changes in the Western Arabian Sea.

INS Jatayu, given its vulture-inspired name, the vessel represents India’s dedication to defending its interests and promoting regional stability through innovative naval prowess.

On March 6, 2024, Naval Detachment Minicoy will be commissioned as INS Jatayu by the Indian Navy. Chief of the Naval Staff Admiral R Hari Kumar will be present at this historic event, underlining the strategic value of the Lakshadweep Islands to the country’s marine defence.


A significant component in protecting Minicoy, the southernmost island of Lakshadweep, is Naval Detachment Minicoy, which was founded in the early 1980s and is operated by the Naval Officer-in-Charge (Lakshadweep). Due to its strategic placement straddling the Sea Lines of Communications (SLOCs), this island is essential for enhancing security measures.

The Indian Navy’s determination to gradually improve the security infrastructure in the Lakshadweep Islands is demonstrated by the commissioning of INS Jatayu. The whole operational capabilities of the Indian Navy in the area are anticipated to experience a significant increase with autonomous naval units like INS Jatayu, which are outfitted with the required resources and infrastructure.

The Indian Navy’s operational reach will be greatly expanded with the establishment of INS Jatayu, which is not just symbolic. In the Western Arabian Sea, the base is positioned to be a key player in anti-piracy and anti-drug operations, which will enhance regional security. INS Jatayu will also strengthen the Indian Navy’s capacity to quickly respond to new threats because it is the first responder in the area.

Its ability to improve connectivity with the mainland highlights INS Jatayu’s strategic significance. In fostering economic growth and strategic relevance, this development is in perfect harmony with the Government of India’s focus on the full development of islands.

INS Dweeprakshak in Kavaratti is replaced by INS Jatayu as the second naval base in Lakshadweep. An important step in the Indian Navy’s attempts to increase its presence in the Lakshadweep islands has been taken with this commissioning. An age of increased security, all-encompassing development, and capacity building in the island regions is anticipated to begin with the deployment of INS Jatayu.

This strategic manoeuvre is even more essential because Minicoy Island is located so close to the Maldives. The island is only 500 kilometres from the coast of the Maldives, which has Indian defence circles concerned about the recent changes in diplomacy between Beijing and Male. Recent months have seen difficulties in India’s relations with the Maldives, and the increasing proximity of Male to China has caused some consternation in New Delhi.

Notably, the choice of establishing a naval base on Minicoy Island is regarded as a proactive reaction to the geopolitical developments taking place in the area. With the recent presence of a Chinese spy ship in the Maldives, India’s security concerns have grown, and the Indian Navy has to be more present in the Lakshadweep region.

The new naval outpost on Minicoy Island will be a vital resource for the region’s first responders, the Indian Navy said in a statement. In the event of new threats or incidents, it is anticipated to greatly improve India’s ability to respond quickly and effectively, protecting marine interests.