Forces are granted emergency purchase authority by the centre via the “Make in India” route

The Central Government has given the Indian Defense Forces permission to use an emergency procurement method to acquire vital weapon systems for their operational needs.

According to ANI, which cited government sources, the Centre has taken a significant step toward bolstering the Indian defence forces by allowing them to purchase essential weapon systems for their operational needs under an emergency procurement method. The decision was made during a meeting of the Defence Ministry on Monday morning, which Rajnath Singh presided over.

During this time, it was also declared that only the “Make In India” approach could be used to obtain the weapon system. Now that the sanction has been given, the defence forces can exercise their authority to directly purchase crucial military systems via the fast-track path without needing the Ministry’s consent.


While the military forces will have to use their own budgetary means to pay for the new purchases, deliveries will also be made within three to twelve months.

It is important to highlight that the defence forces have previously made full use of the emergency procurement authorities and improved their readiness through these purchases. Additionally, by using the power in various phases, they had given themselves the tools needed to deal with any conflict or attack from opponents on both sides.

Equipment purchased through emergency acquisition powers 

The Indian Air Force and the Indian Army used these powers to obtain ‘Heron’ unmanned aerial vehicles as well as small guns like the Sig Sauer assault rifles when discussing the heavy-duty military equipment acquired by the forces in the past. The aerial vehicles are currently being used for surveillance in Ladakh and the northeast to monitor Chinese activity.

Additionally, the military have long-range missiles that can strike ground targets. With the introduction of the HAMMER missiles, which can destroy hardened ground targets like bunkers from a great distance, the Rafale fighter jets have also benefited.

Notably, the clearance will allow the armed forces to purchase both domestically and internationally produced goods. They still have a big list of equipment to purchase.