Defence Minister Rajnath Singh applauds Indian Navy’s rising stature in Indo-Pacific at Naval commanders’ conference

Rajnath Singh, the Minister of Defence, praised the Indian Navy’s strength in the Indo-Pacific region and emphasised how important it is to display the country’s strength. He emphasised the necessity of drone technology, addressed changing geopolitical issues, and stressed unity between military branches.

At the inauguration of the 1st Naval Commanders’ Conference of 2024, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh praised the growing stature of the Indian Navy in the Indian Ocean Region and the wider Indo-Pacific. Speaking on Tuesday at the assembly on board the INS Vikramaditya, Singh credited the Navy’s bravery, promptness, and multifaceted capabilities for this growth.

Singh conveyed his admiration for the Navy, saying that throughout the Indo-Pacific area, it has come to represent credibility. He underlined the Navy’s critical role in projecting India’s rising prominence internationally. The Indian Navy’s proficiency in performing “twin-carrier operations,” which highlight the Navy’s capacity to operate at the highest levels of complexity, was demonstrated to the minister of defence when she was at sea.


Singh commended the Navy’s efforts in keeping with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Security and Growth for All in the Region (SAGAR), recognising the Navy’s dedication to peace and prosperity. The Indian Navy’s anti-piracy operations in the Indo-Pacific region have garnered international acclaim, a point that the Defence Minister emphasised.

This year’s hybrid format conference provides navy commanders with an essential forum for discussing administrative, operational, and strategic issues related to maritime security. In light of changing geopolitical conditions and local issues, the conversations are intended to influence the direction the Indian Navy will take going forward.

Amid a geopolitical environment that is continuously changing, Singh emphasised in his speech the value of unity and cooperation among the Army, Navy, and Air Force. He reaffirmed the government’s unflinching support and stressed the importance of being ready to face any kind of adversity.

In addition, the Minister of Defence emphasised the growing significance of drones in contemporary warfare and marine operations, emphasising the need for commanders to keep up with technical developments.

During the conference, the Chief of Defence Staff, the Chiefs of the Indian Army and Indian Air Force, and the Naval Commanders will interact with each other. The talks will focus on improving tri-service coordination and preparedness for national defence while adhering to the shared national security framework.