Agnipath Scheme faces backlash in UP & Bihar amid erupting protests

Protests all across the country as a backlash to the Modi government’s new radical recruitment scheme.

Agnipath recruitment scheme, the central government’s new radical military recruitment scheme has faced severe backlash from the people of the country. As protests have started to erupt in various parts of the country. It is being reported that the opposition claimed the new scheme to be operationally ineffective to the Indian Armed forces. 

“The BJP must stop compromising the dignity, traditions, valor & discipline of our forces”. Rahul Gandhi, Congress leader had tweeted. 


The new scheme faced a lot of backlash from the common public: 

Indian Army aspirants had protested in the Buxar district. And had disrupted rail and road traffic in several parts of Bihar state on Thursday, June 16, 2022.

Agnipath Scheme faces backlash

Aspirants were managed by the police when they fired tear gas shells to disperse the crowd. 

A crowd of 100 young men had steadfast into the station. And had blocked the journey of Patna-bound Janshatabdi Express for nearly 30 mins. As the men had squatted over the train tracks. 

Protests also took place in Muzaffarpur, Begusarai, and other places

At Ata Railway Station the mob has started throwing stones at the railway personnel and police. Images had shown railway personnel using fire extinguishers. Moreover, to put out the fire started by the people as they had burned the station furniture. 

On Wednesday the protesters had blocked many highways and roads. They had blocked highway-28 in Muzaffarpur, they were seen shouting slogans “Bharti do ya arti do”, meaning “recruit us or kill us”. 

Rallies have started in Gorakhpur and other places as a sign of protests against the government’s policies. 

“The government is playing a game like PUBG with us. We’ll continue to protest until the government takes some meaningful decision on this to help us”. Said the protesters in Muzaffarpur. While asking, “why had no BJP leader said anything. Even when their government was holding back recruitment in defence services for so long?”.