Four major Airlines owe AAI ₹2,700 crore in dues

Air India owes about ₹2,350.62 crores, Alliance Air owes ₹109.81 crores, SpiceJet Ltd ₹185.52 crores, and GoAir ₹56.53 crores to the Airport authorities.

VK Singh, minister of state, the Ministry of Civil Aviation mentioned that four Indian airlines owes dues of about 2,702.48 crores to the state-owned Airports Authority of India (AAI) by the end of September 30, 2021, on Monday.

Speaking to Rajya Sabha he added that some airlines have defaulted on clearance of their dues to the Airport Authority. Air India owes about 2,350.62 crores, Alliance Air owes 109.81 crores, SpiceJet Ltd 185.52 crores, and GoAir 56.53 crores to the Airport authorities.


“Airports Authority of India follows up with the airlines regularly for recovery of dues as per their Credit Policy. Charging penal interest, encashment of security deposits along with resorting to legal action are other measures available with AAI to carry out the recovery of dues. “he said.

The charges to be paid to AAI by the airlines includes the landing charges, operating charges, parking charges, etc. It owns 125-odd airports across India.