Embraer and CAE launch first E-Jets E2 full flight simulator in Singapore, elevating pilot training in Asia Pacific

The first E-Jets E2 Full Flight Simulator is launched by Embraer and CAE in Singapore, enhancing pilot training throughout the Asia Pacific region. The simulator uses the latest technology to provide thorough E2 training.

Embraer (NYSE: ERJ; B3: EMBR3) and CAE (NYSE: CAE; TSX: CAE) have formally launched the first E-Jets E2 Full Flight Simulator (FFS) in Singapore, marking a significant milestone for aviation training in the Asia Pacific region. The simulator, which is a component of the joint venture Embraer CAE Training Services (ECTS), demonstrates the region’s dedication to improving pilot training programmes.

The most recent addition to ECTS, the E-Jets E2 training programme, will use the Competency-Based Training Assessment (CBTA) course materials from CAE. The extensive training programme combines hands-on training on the advanced CAE 7000XR Series FFS and interactive classroom education using the CAE Simfinity Virtual Simulator (VSIM). Situated close to Changi Airport at the Singapore-CAE Flight Training Centre, the FFS is designed to cater to E2 operators in the Asia Pacific area.


In anticipation of the Embraer E190-E2’s impending introduction into service with the airline later this year, pilots from Scoot, a Singapore Airlines affiliate, have already begun their training on the aircraft. Through exposure to a variety of flying scenarios in CAE’s most recent FFS, the training improves pilots’ proficiency and readiness for the E2’s first commercial flights.

Carlos Naufel, President & CEO of Embraer Services & Support, conveyed his appreciation to all collaborators and staff members who contributed to the E2 simulator’s smooth functioning. This is a part of Embraer’s commitment to expanding our infrastructure in Asia Pacific and supporting the aviation industry in the region, according to Naufel.

With CAE’s VSIM, CBTA courseware, and the newest-generation FFS preparing pilots for the entry-into-service and safe operation of the E2 in the APAC Region, the division president of CAE’s Civil Aviation Training, Michel Azar-Hmouda, emphasised the technological innovations included in the E2 programme.

Ms. Elaine Teo, Senior Vice President, the Global Enterprises Division, Singapore Economic Development Board, was present during the simulator’s official opening. The E-Jets E2 full-flight simulator, which was introduced by Boeing and CAE in Singapore, is the first of its kind in Asia Pacific, according to Ms Teo. It is a beneficial addition to the aerospace and aviation ecosystem in the region as well as expanding Singapore’s offering of aftermarket services.

The simulator, which received certification from Singapore’s Civil Aviation Authority in December 2023, is used in conjunction with interactive touch screen training sessions in the classroom to speed up learning. With access to every system on the aircraft, the VSIM is an effective tool for familiarisation and practice that improves commercial pilot training.