Black box of the cashed plane found: New informations to be revealed

The black box of the Air India Express plane that crashed in Kozhikode last night, was found.

The black box of the Air India Express plane that crashed at the Calicutt International Airport in Kerala’s Kozikode on Friday has been found. The flight IX-1344 which was being operated under the Vande Bharat Mission, was returning from Dubai carrying 184 passangers including 10 children and 4 crews. It skidded off the hilltop airport runway amid the heavy downpour and fell into 35 feet deep gorge below, killing at least 18 passangers including the 2 pilots and injuring 127. The black box of the plane has been sent to Delhi after recovery by the Aviation Accident Investigation Bureau (AAIB) for analysis.


A black box consists of two parts: a Flight Data Recorder (FDR) that records technical informations such as flight control, engine efficiency etc. and a Cockpit voice recorder th records the conversations between the crew members and the air traffic controller. The actual cause of an aviation accident is only revealed when the black box is found.

Accusations are being made about the runway being severely damaged and not properly maintained with the reference of a 9 year old survey report. Some are pointing out the risks of tabletop airport- as the runway steeps downwards leaving very little space at its end. A swedish flight tracker website  Flightrader 24, showed how the flight circled the airport and made efforts to land twice before attempting to land from the opposite side that resulted in the accident. The reason is not clear.

There are many statements being given and many rumors being spread. The truth will only come up once the black box is analyzed.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed grief through his tweet.