All Nippon Airways starts direct flight between Chennai and Tokyo

“All Nippon Airways”, a Japanese airline has recently announced a direct flight from Narita International Airport in Japan to Chennai.

Chennai, being the southern part of India, is a popular city for the companies in Japan. The reason is that there is an industrial complex area and that it is a major area for business in south India. The southern city of India is one of those Indian cities with a rapidly developing infrastructure.


Under these circumstances, Japan’s airline “All Nippon Airways” has taken a direct flight from Narita International Airport in Japan to Chennai. ANA is expanding service in Asia next to an increase flight route to Bangkok.

“Japan and India will have deeper relationships with East Asian Economic Partnership Agreement and human exchanges, it is expected that the importance of business will expand in India. India’s economy is growing rapidly, it is expected that the middle-income group will increase and that we will expand the importance of visiting Japan. As India’s southern part is unexplored by Japanese companies, we hope that the only ANA that flies direct flights will be developed, leading to large business demands,” Yasuyuki Tommitsu, Official, All Nippon Airways said.

At the international airport of Chennai, the ceremony of the first flight between Narita to Chennai was held. At the occasion, various artistes staged different traditional dance forms and prayers in traditional rituals for the safe journey of passengers. Mitsuo Tomita of All Nippon Airways said, “For ANA, this flight is the third direct flight from India to Japan following Mumbai and Delhi. So today is a remarkable day for ANA.”

The launch was appreciated by the passengers of the direct flight from Chennai to Tokyo. “It will provide us with a better connectivity facility,” many of them said.

“This is a very convenient flight direct to Narita. It is very convenient to enter Japan and also going on the way to the US,” a passenger said. “Direct flight is very convenient for a passenger from Chennai. I hope a lot of passengers use this flight,” said another. ANA direct flight to South India will deepen business and people exchange between Japan and India.