Air Canada’s response to Lynx Air’s suspension of operations

Air Canada has taken proactive measures to assist customers affected by Lynx Air’s suspension of operations, including capping fares and adding over 6,000 seats in specific markets. Learn more about their efforts to offer affordable travel options and support affected passengers.

In response to Lynx Air’s suspension of operations, Air Canada has implemented several measures to assist affected passengers. The airline has capped fares and added over 6,000 seats in specific markets served by Lynx Air, aiming to provide affordable options for customers impacted by the shutdown.
Air Canada’s initiative to cap fares and add seats is designed to help Lynx Air customers affected by the suspension of operations. These special fares, covering the period from before February 26 through April 2, are available for purchase on Air Canada’s website or through travel agents. This effort is part of Air Canada’s commitment to supporting affected passengers and facilitating their return home or alternative travel plans within Canada, to the US, and to Cancun, Mexico.

It’s important for affected customers to note that Air Canada cannot honour Lynx Air tickets. Therefore, customers holding Lynx Air tickets are advised to check the Canadian Transportation Agency website for further information and guidance.

In addition to capping fares, Air Canada plans to increase capacity on Lynx routes from Toronto and Montreal to various destinations. However, limitations may exist due to high demand during the winter travel season. Despite these challenges, Air Canada remains committed to providing alternative travel options and support to affected passengers.

Air Canada’s response to Lynx Air’s suspension of operations demonstrates the airline’s commitment to customer service and support during challenging times. By capping fares, adding seats, and providing alternative travel options, Air Canada is helping to alleviate the impact of Lynx Air’s shutdown on affected passengers.