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Air Asia flight makes an emergency landing at Hyderabad

Air Asia flight I5 1543 made an emergency landing at Hyderabad. The landing was made successfully after a technical difficulty was noticed on time . The plane had landed on Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. In the afternoon the official reports of the event were disclosed to the general public. All the 76 passengers on board including the crew remained unharmed after landing at 1:25 pm.

The plane had leaked a few tons of fuel all of a sudden mid air. The pilots responsibly noticed the change and immediately switched off one engine as a precautionary measure. The Airbus A320 made the landing with only one surviving engine. The pilot informed the Air Traffic Control right away. All operations on the Airport and Runway were shut down completely till the airbus made a secured landing. A Full Emergency status had been declared. All Emergency Services had been rushed to the tarmac on hold anxiously waiting for the flight to arrive. Luckily, the passengers had been compensated on a Chandigarh-Bengalru flight.


Air Asia officials released a press statement soon. “Air Asia India aircraft VT-IXC operates as I5 1543 from Jaipur to Hyderabad on May 26 2020. Encountering a technical issue it carried out a precautionary engine shut down”. “Handling the situation calmly in a professional manner the crew landed at Shamshabad, as scheduled. We are carrying out a detailed inspection of the aircraft, having informed DGCA. We are assisting in the investigation to establish the cause,” an Air Asia representative said. “Air Asia India would like to reiterate that ‘Safety First’ is a core value. The safety of our guests and crew is the single most important criteria in every aspect of our operations. To manage these situations our pilots and crew are experienced and well trained. We apologize for the delay on the subsequent flight and confirm that our guests have been re-accommodated,” the representative added.