What is a DIY FASTag?

Road tax is typically paid as “vignettes” in most countries. These are pre-paid permits that are attached to the windshields of cars for electronic scanners to recognise your account. India’s attempt to use a similar structure is FASTags, which are now required on every car to pay toll tax on national highways.

Knowing how to activate FASTag has become a crucial subject ever since the Indian government made it essential to attach FASTag on the windscreen of every four-wheeler vehicle.


What is DIY FASTag?

There are a few documents and identifications that you must present when you purchase a FASTag. These IDs include the Registration Certificate (RC) of your car, your PAN card, and the car’s KYC records.

Now, even if you still need to get these documents close to hand, buy FASTag easily. If you have completed KYC verification, you can purchase a FASTag even without providing these details. The online FASTag is built on the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) process, allowing you to self-activate it by entering vehicle information in the mobile app “My FASTag.”

The My FASTag app is available for download on both the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. You can use the My FASTag Mobile app and connect the FASTag to your current bank accounts.

How to get a FASTag online?

Here’s how to get online FASTag:

  • Look through the official websites of the banks that sell FASTags, like IDFC FIRST Bank.
  • Look for the “Get FASTag” or “Apply for FASTag” option on the website’s portal.
  • Provide the number for your cell phone. It will call the phone number and send an OTP. Hit submit after entering the OTP.
  • Fill out the fields for your personal and vehicle information (name, email, and address).
  • Verify your entry of the information one more time before applying.
  • You will be sent to an online payment platform to submit the fees.
  • Save the FASTag invoice on file.

If you are willing to apply for a DIY FASTag online, you can visit IDFC FIRST Bank and apply for a FASTag at your ease. You get instant discounts on fuel purchases, pay for parking using FASTag, and can also link your IDFC FIRST Bank credit card for auto top-ups.

How to recharge your FASTag?

To keep your FASTag active, you must recharge it for a minimum of ₹100. Depending on your account and the type of vehicle, your bank will determine the maximum amount.

There is no need to add funds to a pre-paid wallet individually if the FASTag is already connected to your bank account. All you need to do is ensure your FASTag-linked bank account has enough money to cover toll payments.

However, if the FASTag has been connected to a pre-paid wallet, it can be recharged using several methods, including payment by check, UPI, debit card, credit card, NEFT, and net banking. Additional fees may be charged when recharging the FASTag balance through various methods.

It is accurate that the introduction of FASTag technology has made travelling simpler for you. It’s crucial to remember that you can request your FASTag KYC documentation after your account is activated. Along with your FASTag application, you may also need to furnish your car’s RC (Registration Certificate) to the bank.