Tata Motors to launch Sierra EV by FY26

Tata Motors recently announced that it would begin launching cars based on Avinya in FY26, which implies that the first vehicle to use the new platform will arrive in dealerships before March 2026. Tata Avinya’s electric vehicle lineup will be underpinned by Jaguar Land Rover’s EMA platform.

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM) and Jaguar Land Rover Plc (JLR), both 100% Tata Motors companies, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to license JLR’s modular platform. According to this arrangement, the Tata Avinya line of luxury electric vehicles will feature JLR’s modular design.


The EMA platform will be used by JLR for upcoming electric mid-size SUVs from Jaguar and Land Rover, which will be offered globally first. The first of these electric SUVs will be on sale in 2025. The cost of research and development will be reduced for both manufacturers because of platform sharing.

In 2022, the Avinya, a high-end electric car, made its concept debut. It did not, however, belong to a particular segment. Then Tata Motors disclosed that Avinya would be more than just one vehicle; it would also include MPVs and SUVs. The design shown in 2022 was based on a new lightweight Gen 3 platform that offered a 500-kilometer range on a single charge. The idea was presented as a vision for Tata Motors’ future electric mobility.