MYBYK to expand bike share in the city with an additional fleet of 1000 bicycles

Ahmedabad based bike rental & share company MYBYK is now looking to expand aggressively in the city of Ahmedabad. As per the workshop and subsequent meetings held with the authorities, AMC is most likely to take up the responsibility of creating cycle infrastructure (bicycle stands and lanes) while the operators will invest in cycles, technology and operations

“It is a perfect partnership where the AMC will invest in infrastructure creation while operators like us will invest in bicycles, technology, and operations. We are not seeking any subsidy from the government and will have full operational freedom which is essential to make PBS a success” says Arjit Soni, founder of MYBYK.


Apart from MYBYK, 3 more operators have shown interest and will be applying for permits.  “The challenge in front of us is market creation and in this context, the more the players the better. In the end, consumers stand to benefit the most as they will have more options to choose from and get services at competitive rates” adds Arjit.