Mercedes-Benz launches test program for ChatGPT integration in vehicles: Report

Renowned luxury car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has unveiled its plans to introduce a test program in the United States, allowing drivers to utilize ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, to power specific features in their vehicles. The program, set to commence on June 16, will enable approximately 900,000 Mercedes vehicles equipped with the “MBUX” systems to be compatible with ChatGPT. Interested drivers can opt in through the Mercedes app or via voice command to download ChatGPT over the air.

During the three-month testing period, Mercedes aims to observe how drivers utilize this innovative technology and gather valuable insights. By integrating ChatGPT into the car system, Mercedes seeks to improve the naturalness of responses provided by the system. This integration will allow drivers to request various information, including destination details, and seek answers to other queries such as dinner recipe suggestions. The collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and OpenAI’s ChatGPT opens up an opportunity for Microsoft, as it will provide a version of the popular chatbot through its cloud services. With the investment in OpenAI, Microsoft presents an alternative to Amazon’s Alexa, which has long been a presence in the automotive industry.


Mercedes-Benz’s decision to incorporate ChatGPT into its vehicles demonstrates the brand’s commitment to innovation and enhancing the overall driving experience for its customers. By leveraging advanced language models, Mercedes aims to provide drivers with a seamless and interactive in-car assistant that can cater to their various needs and inquiries. The integration of ChatGPT represents a significant step forward in the development of smart and intuitive vehicle technology.

The test program will not only benefit Mercedes-Benz drivers but also provide OpenAI with valuable data and user feedback to further refine ChatGPT’s capabilities. By observing how drivers interact with the system and the specific features they find most valuable, both Mercedes-Benz and OpenAI can gain insights to improve the performance and functionality of ChatGPT in future iterations.