Jeep midsize SUV for India to use Citroen’s C-cubed platform; Report

Jeep, an American automaker, is preparing to grow its mid-size SUV market share in India. The company plans to introduce a new compact SUV on the market, which is expected to use Citroen’s C-cubed Platform.

The car, which will feature the above-mentioned platform, is expected to enter the market around 2026. However, the company has yet to provide any specifics about it. A few reports stated that it will give a few details soon.


According to the report, the forthcoming offering in the mid-size class is probably going to be made available as an EV and an internal combustion engine (ICE). The former may feature a powerful engine option with decent power output, while the latter might only be available with all-wheel drive.

In terms of size, it is probably 4.3 meters long, which is the same length as the Hyundai Creta and Seltos, two of Kia’s best-selling models. Regarding the pricing range, it might be in the range of Rs. 15-20 lakh. These are only speculations, the company has not yet released official information. Once introduced, it will compete with top models such as the Seltos, Creta, and Honda Elevate among others.