Is Tesla Model Y facelift launching in 2024?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, has stated on social media that the company will not be releasing the refreshed Model Y in 2024. Musk took his X account to make this announcement. The billionaire stated in an X post that the upgraded Tesla Model Y would not be available this year, but the electric car maker is still making improvements to its models.

The Tesla Model Y, which went into production in January 2020, is the company’s fifth model overall, following the Roadster and Model S. The Model X and the Model 3. It’s about time for the crossover to get an update and the updated model was scheduled to go on the market in 2024. But Musk has stated that it won’t be released this year.


In his post, Musk wrote, “No Model Y “refresh” is coming out this year. I should note that Tesla continuously improves its cars, so even a car that is 6 months newer will be a little better.”

Since its release, the US electric car manufacturer’s best-selling model is the Model Y. Despite the fact that the Tesla Model 3 is the brand’s most affordable vehicle, the Model Y has grown in popularity and become the automaker’s main revenue generator.