Hyundai Kona EV discontinued, making way for Creta EV; Report

The Kona Electric has been quietly removed from Hyundai Motor India Limited’s website, as reported by HTAuto. The manufacturer appears to have decided to stop producing the Kona Electric to get prepared for the introduction of the Creta EV.

The Kona Electric was the first electric car that Hyundai introduced to the Indian market and it was never upgraded. However, sales were poor due to the outdated interior design and the fact that it was a crossover at a time when everyone preferred SUVs.


Hyundai has stated that in January 2025, they will introduce their first electric car for the mass market. It would be the Creta’s electric version, and it will be built in the company’s Tamil Nadu plant, which is close to Chennai. Given that the ICE version of the Creta is among the most well-liked SUVs in the Indian market and has been performing incredibly well, it makes sense for Hyundai to introduce the Creta EV first.

As of right now, no details have been released about the Creta EV’s features, however, it is expected to have a 400–500 km range. This range is similar to the data that Maruti Suzuki has provided on the anticipated 550 km of range for their forthcoming eVX electric SUV.