Bugatti Tourbillon Hypercar revealed as a successor to Chiron

The Bugatti Chiron, the super sports vehicle, now gets a successor. Unveiled by the company is the much-awaited Tourbillon hyper-GT. With its cutting-edge hybrid V16 engine and bold new design, it aims to become the fastest road automobile in the world.

The 8.3-litre V16 engine, which produces 1,800 horsepower when coupled with three electric motors, powers the Tourbillon. This cutting-edge hybrid setup enables a peak speed of more than 445kph.


This new engine is different from Bugatti’s previous quad-turbo W16 engine, which was used in the Chiron and Veyron. It was developed in collaboration with Cosworth. Just the Tourbillon’s V16 engine can produce 1,000 horsepower; the electric motors provide an additional 800 horsepower. As a result, the Tourbillon is now the most powerful combustion vehicle on the market.

With a 25kWh battery powering the electric motors, the Tourbillon has an electric range of more than 60km. Additionally, it has 800V charging capabilities, allowing a 12-minute charge from 0% to 80%.

While the Tourbillon retains design characteristics from its predecessors, such as the famous C-line, horseshoe front grille, and two-tone paint, its profile has been significantly changed by its new powertrain and aerodynamic requirements.