“Avinya is not going to be a single model, it’s a brand”, says Tata’s Vivek Srivatsa

The Tata Avinya has drawn significant attention since its concept was introduced at AutoExpo 2023, mostly because of its remarkable design and futuristic approach. According to recent reports, Avinya will launch as a brand instead of a single model.

According to Auto Car India, Vivek Srivatsa, the company’s chief commercial officer in passenger electric mobility, stated. “Avinya is not going to be a single model; it’s brand, and we will spawn multiple products under that brand”.


Srivatsa also indicated that the entire Avinya product line will be at the top of the company’s position. He stated, “When it comes to placement, there will be some overlap with regular Tata EVs, but there is no hard ceiling for Tata Motors now, and no hard and fast price differentiation”, according to Auto Car India.

According to reports, the Avinya portfolio is anticipated to launch with multiple products that differ in terms of size, style and technology. It is stated that SUVs and MPVs make up the majority of the models.

Amidst this, certain questions remain unanswered. It is unclear if Avinya will operate as a separate brand or as a sub-model sub-brand under Tata Motors.