Ather Rizta e-scooter production starts; Everything we know so far

Production of the newly introduced Ather Rizta has begun at the company’s manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu’s Hosur, with the first batch of units shipping out lately. The Ather Rizta was released earlier this year with a starting price of ₹1.10 lakh (ex-showroom, introductory) and comes in three variations and seven colour options.

Ather Energy’s Hosur manufacturing plant has started producing Ather Rizta. Co-founder and CEO Tarun Mehta made the official announcement on social media platform X on Monday morning. Ather has highlighted that the new Rizta electric scooter can be a comfortable riding choice for families and it is one of the main things the company is aiming for.


Despite being one of the relatively newer players in the Indian electric scooter market, founded less than a decade ago, Ather has been an important player. While the Ather 450S, 450X and 450 Apex have performed well in comparison to an increasing number of competitors, the Ather Rizta, being a completely new model, aims to take up the competition.

With a maximum speed of 80 kmph, the Ather Rizta can accelerate from 0 to 40 kmph in 3.7 seconds due to a PMS electric motor mounted to the frame. The Ather Rizta is equipped with a 12-inch alloy wheel set, LED taillights, a mono-LED headlight, smartphone connectivity and a TFT touch-enabled digital instrument panel with turn-by-turn navigation.