Top 10 agritech companies leading the agricultural revolution

The primary goal of utilizing agritech is to enhance crop yields, increase efficiency in farming operations, and ultimately boost profitability for farmers and producers. Here are the leading agritech companies.

Agritech, short for agricultural technology or agrotechnology, refers to the application of technological solutions in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture. The primary goal of utilizing agritech is to enhance crop yields, increase efficiency in farming operations, and ultimately boost profitability for farmers and producers. Here some of are the top agritech companies.


Syngenta is a global leader in crop protection products, working to create value for all stakeholders, including farmers, employees, suppliers, food chain partners, and communities. The company is well-known for its significant investments in agricultural science and technology, driving advancements in agritech that help farmers meet global demands surrounding sustainability and growth.

The Switzerland-headquartered company is recognized as a leading provider of agricultural science and technology solutions, offering a range of products such as seeds, pesticides, insecticides, corn, soybeans, and biofuel. It has earned acclaim as one of the top-performing chemical firms globally.


DeHaat is currently one of the fastest-growing startup companies in the agritech sector and provides end-to-end solutions and services to the farming community in India. The company is also building AI-enabled technologies to help revolutionize supply chain and production efficiencies within the farming sector.

The organisation currently operates in twelve Indian states with an extensive network of 11,000 centres that serve more than 1.8 million farmers.


CropX is a user-friendly and robust agronomic farm management platform that integrates farm data, real-time conditions, and agronomic expertise to offer guidance for effective and sustainable farming practices. Additionally, it centralizes agronomic farm data for convenient tracking and sharing purposes. The CropX system creates data from soil to sky and transforms it into useful information to help farmers monitor the health of fields and crops. The company prides itself on providing easy-to-access information and a holistic overview of field conditions.


AgroStar is one of India’s most prominent Agritech startups, which aims to offer the largest and most impactful agri-solutions platform to provide end-to-end solutions for Indian farmers. The company’s solutions are powered by data and knowledge on agronomy that are disseminated through its state-of-the-art tech-enabled platform.

AgroStar’s widespread accessibility has facilitated its outreach to millions of farmers nationwide, granting them entry to both domestic and international markets for their agricultural produce. This assistance aids farmers in enhancing crop yields and producing higher-quality output.


Mori(formerly Cambridge Crops) manufactures an all-natural protective layer made from silk protein that slows down food spoilage by preventing dehydration, oxidation, and microbial growth, helping reduce food waste.

World of Farming

World of Farming (WoF) offers FodderTech, a sustainable and energy-efficient fodder production system that uses LED lighting, controllers, and vertically stacked racks. This technology cuts water usage by up to 85%, uses over 90% less land, and allows the harvesting of 80% more produce, mitigating food security challenges and negative environmental impacts.


Agreena is at the forefront of enabling sustainable farming through its world-class Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) platform, which it considers crucial for establishing sustainable supply chains. The company’s innovative solution allows any platform, institution, or corporation to actively participate in the global transition towards green and regenerative agricultural practices.

In the past year, Agreena has successfully raised US$22.5 million in funding for its groundbreaking platform. This platform assigns carbon credits to farmers who implement regenerative farming methods that transform their land into carbon sinks, effectively absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.


ecoRobotix utilizes advanced high-definition imaging technology to analyze agricultural fields, enabling intelligent crop management solutions. Their flagship product, ARA, is a precision spraying system controlled via a tablet interface. According to the company, ARA is the most accurate sprayer available in the market, improving efficiency while minimizing the use of crop protection products like pesticides and herbicides.

The ARA technology can recognize and differentiate between numerous crop varieties as well as various weed species. This versatile system is compatible with a wide range of applications, including pastures, field-grown vegetables, large-scale crop cultivation, and even lawn maintenance.


FarmInsect offers an automated insect production system and IoT (Internet of Things) technology that allows farmers to produce insect larvae on-site as a sustainable, low-emission feed source for farm animals, reducing costs and carbon emissions while improving animal health.

Indigo Ag

Indigo Ag integrates biological products, crop premiums, verified carbon credits, and a sustainability platform leveraging science and technology to maximize farmer profits while enabling corporations to offset Scope 3 emissions through high-quality carbon credits at scale.

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