Tamil Nadu unveils Rs 206 crore scheme for sustainable agriculture in 2024–25 budget

The “Chief Minister’s Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme,” a Rs 206 crore project that promotes chemical-free farming and addresses soil fertility concerns, is unveiled by Tamil Nadu’s Agriculture Minister, MRK Panneerselvam, for the fiscal year 2024–2025.

MRK Panneerselvam, the Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare for Tamil Nadu introduced the agriculture budget for the fiscal year 2024–25 during a session at the Assembly on Tuesday, marking a significant step towards supporting sustainable agricultural practices and rural development.

In his speech to the Assembly, Minister Panneerselvam discussed the detrimental impacts of the region’s overuse of chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers as well as the urgent need to improve soil fertility. He unveiled the “Chief Minister’s Mannuyir Kaathu Mannuyir Kaappom Scheme” (CM MK MKS), a comprehensive initiative with a Rs 206 crore budget for the fiscal year 2024–2025, to address this urgent issue. The flagship programme is made up of 22 parts that are designed to protect soil fertility and encourage chemical-free farming methods.


Reducing the use of artificial fertilisers in paddy production and empowering rural people to effectively tackle climate change are two of the key priorities mentioned in the budget speech. Plans were also revealed for the distribution of seeds to promote the growing of traditional paddy varieties, which are recognised for their potential health advantages, especially in the treatment of diabetes.

A significant amount of Rs 65.30 crore was set aside for the production of millet crops, primarily to increase yield and encourage farmers throughout the state to cultivate them. These programmes demonstrate Tamil Nadu’s government’s dedication to supporting sustainable farming methods and guaranteeing the welfare of farmers and rural communities.

The state budget for the fiscal year 2024–25 was unveiled by Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thangam Thennarasu on Monday, with a focus on women’s welfare and social justice. The budget announced many measures targeted at achieving the state’s developmental goals, with a focus on the realisation of the “seven grand Tamil dreams.”

The introduction of the “Kalaignarin Kanavu Illam” housing plan, which honours the late DMK leader and former Chief Minister M Karunanidhi, is a noteworthy aspect of the Budget. By 2030, this project seeks to build 8 lakh concrete homes in the state’s rural areas, primarily to replace hut huts with respectable housing for the occupants.