Punjab government honours fallen farmer Shubhkaran Singh with ₹1 crore support and government position

Chief Minister Bhagwat Mann’s Punjab government shows compassion and dedication to upholding the sacrifices made by the farmers’ movement by offering Shubhkaran Singh’s family ₹1 crore and a government position.

By offering ₹1 crore in financial support and a government position to the family of Shubhkaran Singh, who lost his life during the farmers’ movement on the Khanuri border, the Punjab government has shown compassion.

Devoted farmer Shubhkaran Singh passed away from injuries he received during the protests, making him a symbol of the current agricultural protests. The Punjab administration, led by the Chief Minister, Bhagwat Mann, has shown that his sacrifice has not gone unappreciated by providing the bereaved family with prompt support.


At a news conference, Bhagwat Mann made the statement and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to supporting the families of those who have given their all for the farmers’ movement. The goal of the ₹1 crore financial aid is to give Shubhkaran Singh’s family a significant amount of support during this trying period.

In addition, the government has offered Shubhkaran Singh’s younger sister a government position as a helping hand. Taking into account the difficulties the family may encounter in the wake of a loved one’s passing, this policy attempts to guarantee a stable and secure future for them.

The Chief Minister reaffirmed the government’s commitment to holding those accountable for Shubhkaran Singh’s tragic death accountable. The state will demonstrate its commitment to maintaining the rule of law and guaranteeing accountability for any misconduct by taking legal action against the offenders.

Many parties, including activist groups and farmer unions, have hailed the decision greatly, viewing it as a step in the right direction towards acknowledging the sacrifices made by people like Shubhkaran Singh in the fight for their rights and the well-being of the farming community.

As part of a larger initiative to address the issues facing farmers and their families, the government has offered compensation and a job, emphasising its commitment to creating a supportive environment for those actively involved in the ongoing farmers’ movement.