Congress intensifies attack on BJP government, calls for special parliament session on farmers’ woes

Amidst demonstrations by farmers, Congress escalates its attack on the administration, calling for a special session of Parliament to discuss issues related to agriculture. The Punjab State Assembly supports the idea of involving the local community in solving problems.

With the farmers’ protest, the Congress party has escalated its attack on the government in a fierce battle with the BJP-led Centre. The opposition has demanded that Parliament hold a special session to address the concerns of the protesting farmers, demanding that the urgent challenges facing the agricultural community be given quick consideration.

The Congress party, which is well-known for taking a strong stand on matters affecting farmers, has also pushed the Punjab government to do the same by calling a special session of the state legislature. This action is meant to give farmers a forum for in-depth conversations about the problems they encounter, with an emphasis on coming up with workable solutions.


Following a terrible event at Khanauri on the Punjab-Haryana border on Wednesday, where a farmer lost his life and about 12 policemen were injured in confrontations, there has been a need for immediate action. A group of farmers demonstrating started the altercation as they tried to go closer to the barricades that had been erected in the area.

The episode has intensified the discussion surrounding the farmers’ protest, emphasising the necessity of working together to resolve the issues and find a solution that pleases all parties. The Congress party argues that to give the farmers a forum for a thorough discussion of their problems and to make sure their opinions are heard, a special session of Parliament is necessary.

The Punjab State Assembly’s call for a similar meeting highlights how important regional involvement is in resolving issues unique to the state’s farming community. The opposition party thinks that to create successful policies that address the difficulties encountered by farmers and advance their welfare, a multi-level strategy including both the federal and state governments is necessary.