Glitz Corporate Avenue: A top pick location for commercial office space property in Bhiwandi for Rent or outright

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Contact Person: Dhiraj Bothra


Bhiwandi, once known for its power looms has now emerged as a hub for commercial and industrial space attracting business. Improved infrastructure and access to both Mumbai and Pune, as it is situated along the Mumbai- Nashik highway, have boosted Bhiwandi’s chances to become a major commercial and warehouse hub. Since Bhiwandi meets all the requirements that determine costing, therefore it stands to be the cost-effective spot for the commercial spacing as well as the Industrial hubs.

If you are searching for a location for your business with a proximity to all major landmarks and conveniences Bhiwandi has it all be it a space for a small-scale business rentals to office spaces, commercial spaces for business have sprung up in Bhiwandi and are looking to grow more in coming days.

Premium commercial office space available for Rent, Outright & Sale on Kalyan-Bhiwandi road

Glitz Corporate Avenue, Six Kilometres from Kalyan Station, Twenty Kilometres from Thane & 500 meters from upcoming metro station is a hub in itself as they offer unit spaces from 1000 sq.ft. to 20,000 sq.ft. thus making it a apt location for all small scale business, Built on a strict quality measures and an earthquake resistant design offers your business the security it needs. With flexible design showroom and commercial spaces the Glitz Corporate Avenue also has commercial goods lift and CCTV surveillance.

With Glitz Corporate Avenue being in a close proximity to all the major premium residential projects like Tata Housing Amantra, Godrej Housing, LODHA Upper Thane, Mahindra Happinest makes it the top pick for rental and spacing for Offices, Showroom and warehouses.

Along with office spaces there are wide ranging commercial business that can rent or outright there business in places as such which includes BPO, Call Centres, Pre School, Educational Institute, Financial Institutions, Hospitals, Clinic, Hotels, Eatery, Restaurant, Departmental store, Showrooms, Salon-  Spa & Gym and also Banquet Halls.

Most suitable commercial unit or Office spaces for Call-centres in Kalyan-Bhiwandi

BPO (Business process outsourcing) is the practice of contracting a specific work process to an external service provider, the services may include accounting, telemarketing, data recording, customer support and more, KPO (Knowledge process outsourcing) is the new wave that can change the BPO scenario here the emphasise on support functions that are core in business, KPO vendors are linked to business value chain and have individuals working in a field they are competent, with the range of commercial business around Bhiwandi and proximity to major cities like Mumbai, the Glitz Corporate Avenue is the place to be if you are looking to set up BPO and Call centres.

Gala for Schools/Academies/Coaching Institutes near Kalyan-Bhiwandi

Pre -School & Educational institutes plays a vital role in development of the Kids here they learn the basics which help them grow as an individual and also how to contribute to the society as a unit, learning and curiosity are the backbone to a educational institute and a preschool thus making them important institutions for child’s welfare, Glitz offers not only the place for such an institute but also an atmosphere where the young ones can learn and grow. Bhiwandi has seen a rise in residential spaces rentals thus making this institute a must have in such a locality.

Top best Units for ATM, Banks, Financial Institution on Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road

Financial Institution, Banks whose primary business and function is to collect money from public and invest in asset such as bonds, loans and mortgages, leases and policies and also a security to money we deposit. Bhiwandi a hub to commercial business and industrial sector has to have banks and financial institutions where lending, deposits and exchange of money can be made possible a rise in capital income of the whole region of Bhiwandi will have demand for more banking institutes in the region.

Location with Parking facility for Hospitals on Kalyan-Bhiwandi Road

Hospital & Clinic helps keep a check on public health, Hospitals not only have doctors but specialized equipments and new technological advancement which help treat people, specialized doctors and a good management makes a good hospital, in order for such institutions to make their operations works it needs space there’s not a whole lot of organized places to look for in Bhiwandi for Clinics or Hospital while the options may be scarce Glitz offers it all when it comes to renting spaces for such business or healthcare infrastructure.

Spacious Open space, Gala, Unit for Restaurants, Hotel

Eatery & Restaurants, if there’s one place people rather be other then home it would be a restaurant or an Eatery because why not a good environment with your beloved ones there is nothing more relaxing then experiencing a lunch or a dinner at your favourite place, with ever increasing demand there are open air restaurants and dining places on a rise where good food meets a soothing environment, Bhiwandi is the place where you can rent spaces for such a venture with ever increasing residential population backed by growing commercial spaces it makes a fruitful place to launch and setup a restaurant or an eatery.

Departmental store is an establishment offering a wide range of consumer goods in different areas specializing in product category, today departmental store includes clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, cosmetics, house ware, sports goods and hardware all of these makes for a regular needs of consumer residing in the locality with ever growing demand for consumer goods the departmental store in Bhiwandi has become need of the hour, Glitz Corporate Avenue in Bhiwandi makes the right pick for you to set up such, all of these makes for a regular needs of consumer residing in the locality with ever growing demand for consumer goods the departmental store in Bhiwandi has become need of the hour, Glitz Corporate Avenue in Bhiwandi makes the right pick for you to set up such a infrastructure.

Showrooms are where a product is displayed for eg a car show room displays its most newly launched car thus fascinates a passerby to have a look what’s at display, here the product displayed are presented in such a way that it appeals the consumer to take the first step in making a sale.

Affordable location for rent near residential properties in Kalyan-Bhiwandi

Saloon & Spa, Saloon is the place to be if have been out of looks and want to have appealing looks. Spa on the other hand is more of a relaxing experience where mineral-rich water is used to give medicinal baths, Spas also offer health treatment which are often known as balneotherapy, thus to have a commercial space or a rentals in a city of Bhiwandi, Glitz Corporate Avenue has the top pick for such a business to boom not only Bhiwandi is growing as commercial centre but it is also a booming residential space.

Gyms & Banquet halls, Gym is the place where specialized fitness equipment helps you to work on your physical body where one can grow healthy and fit, they also offer expert fitness trainer along with diet programs which is designed to shape your physical body as per the need.

Banquet hall is a reception hall, a room or a building for the purpose of holding a party for social and business events, here people can bond and have an eventful day, the functions may include marriage receptions, business meets, parties and more, if you are looking for commercial spaces for rentals or sale then Bhiwandi is the place for you to do so with proximity of all the above mentioned business and commercial sectors in a joint space with Banquet hall being the last piece of puzzle that make a town whole.

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