5 ways to find quality applicants for your property

When you are on the hunt for quality applicants for your property, you may find that you are stressed, anxious, and nervous about who you will find and how long it will take you to find someone worthy. Well, worry not, because we have gathered a concise list of ways to make this process as easy as possible for you. And since time is money as a landlord, let’s jump right in.

Advertise online

Let’s face it, everything is happening online right now, from watching television to applying for jobs to getting news and even applying for rental spaces. So, it is a great idea to get your property online to spread the word and find applicants.

Posting on popular rental websites is a surefire way to get your property noticed by hundreds, even thousands, of potential tenants. Just be sure that when you post about your property, you are providing well-taken, professional photos of the location. This will ensure that you aren’t leaving any room for interpretation when it comes to what the rental will have to offer.

Check their background

Once you have found a few applicants and they have applied, you want to be sure to check their credit, background, and past evictions. There are plenty of background checks out there, but you want to be sure to find the best credit check for landlords.

Once you run the background check, you will be able to see who is the best fit for your space. Whether it is that family of four or the single CEO, let the background check help to show you who is perfect for your space.

Post around town

When posting, think of the places where the renter pool would be heavy. Around colleges, near large corporation buildings, near a theme park, etc. Those locations are overflowing with people, and someone, at some point, will most likely be looking for a place to live.

Be sure when you are advertising and posting flyers that you are indeed posting in places that you wouldn’t be afraid to find someone. Keep in mind, for instance, that posting near dog parks or animal shelters may bring in pet owners. If you are hoping to keep your place pet-free, you may want to rethink where you are hanging your flyers. Be smart with your choices and you will yield the results you want.

Ask former tenants for recommendations

If you had a lovely tenant to begin with, but they are moving out on good terms, you may want to ask them if they have any leads on tenants to fill their space. Maybe they have a friend that really fell in love with the place when they visited, or maybe their sibling is moving to town and they need a new place to live. Remember there is no harm in asking, and it may even lead you to finding your ideal tenant.

Host an open house

You know when you get a good vibe from someone virtually, but then you meet them in person and you realize they are not who they made themself out to be? Yeah, we have all been there. That’s why you need to start hosting open houses and meeting every potential tenant before they move in.

This allows you to dress the place up a bit, have some snacks out on the counter, and meet each person face to face. When you use the open house method, there is no more guesswork, as the cards have been laid out on the table.

We hope that a few of these tips help you to find the quality applicant you are searching for to fill your space. Good luck and happy tenant hunting.

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