Udaipur murderer Mohammad Riyaz is a BJP member: Congress

Pawan Khera, Congress leader slams BJP for allegedly having ties with Mohammad Riyaz Attari who murdered Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur for having different views on former BJP Spokesperson Nupur Sharma.


Congress had raised questions as the centre had decided that the investigation of the Udaipur murders would be transferred to the National Investigative Agency. Congress leader Pawan Khera had claimed in reference to various media reports that suggest a possible relationship between accused Mohammad Riyaz Attari and the BJP. Moreover, he said. ” We did our research on those claims. And found old Facebook posts of Rajasthan BJP leaders where Riyaz Attari was mentioned as a ‘BJP karyakarta’.”

Mohammad Riyaz Attari was one of the two members responsible for the murder of Udaipur-based tailor Kanhaiya Lal. Both the killers had shot a video broadcasting the murder and had given reasons that the murder was the result of insults against the Prophet Mohammad.

“What could be more evident than this? Riyaz Attari was present at events of BJP leaders. BJP leaders referred to him as ‘Bhai’. What is happening in this country?. Yesterday, the Supreme Court made some serious observations which should be relooked in the light of the fresh revelations in the Udaipur case. Who is Nupur Sharma? Her identity has been established by the party. She made those comments as the spokesperson of the BJP. And continued to remain in the post even after 10 days. So if the Supreme Court makes some comments against Nupur Sharma, then those comments are for the BJP”. Pawan Khera said.

“When the Centre ordered the NIA probe, we welcomed it. Our chief minister (Ashok Gehlot) assured assistance to the NIA. But now we are raising this question: Did the Centre order the NIA probe hurriedly to hide this information about Riyaz Kattari”. Hence, Pawan Khera added to his statement.

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