Punjab government passed four farm bills in the state assembly


Punjab Assembly passed four bills, adopting a resolution against Centre’s new farm laws. The Punjab government under the leadership of CM Captain Amarinder Singh is against the Farm Acts that were passed by the Union Government from both the houses of parliament. The Punjab government is protesting against these atcs since these were proposed in the parliament.

The Punjab CM has already said that the Farm Acts are anti-farmer and they are going to pass a resolution against these acts. The Punjab CM also held several protests in Punjab against the Acts.

The Punjab Government said that there is no provision for Minimum Selling Price (MSP) under the Farm Acts proposed by Union Government and this will benefit the corporates, not farmers, thus they have proposed four bills in their state assembly. The Punjab government named these bills as “Farmers Produces Trade & Commerce Promotion & Facilitation (Punjab Amendment) Bill 2020.”

The First Bill provides that no sale/purchase of wheat or paddy shall be valid unless the price paid for it is equal to or greater than MSP. Anyone buying below MSP will be imprisoned for 3 years.

While the second bill protects the consumers from hoarding & black marketing and the livelihood of farmers and farm laborers.

The third bill prevents any agreement below the MSP and decided imprisonment for up to 3 years.

The fourth bill ensures that landholdings up to 2.5 acres shall not be attached in any recovery.