National Herald case: ED calls Rahul Gandhi for second day of questioning

ED calls Rahul Gandhi for the second round of questioning; Randeep Surjewala made still comments against the BJP.


Rahul Gandhi has been called in for questioning for the second day by the Enforcement Directorate on Tuesday, June 14, 2022. On Monday, the Congress leader was questioned for a total time of 11 hours. The meeting is alleged to have been full of “drama”. As Congress party leaders from around the country gathered to protest the ED’s interrogation of Rahul Gandhi in the National Herald corruption case. 

Congress’s show of protest yesterday resulted in the detention of many senior party leaders including Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot.  As well as Party Spokesperson Randeep Surjewala. Most of the detainees were released soon after the questioning concluded later that night. However, why was Congress so adamant about ending only an official procedure of the investigating agency.

ED calls Rahul Gandhi for second day of questioning

Questions were also raised by many BJP leaders. Moreover, such as Smriti Irani regarding the need to stage such a mass protest around the country. In this regard, Harish Rawat, the Congress’s leader, stated that the party’s protest will continue on Tuesday. “We’ll continue this fight tomorrow as well. The struggle of the Congress party will continue until they (Central government) try to suppress the voice of Rahul Gandhi & our party”. He was quoted by ANI agency. 

Congress has tried to give a very stiff reply to all the questions raised. As he had accused and slammed the ruling BJP government of the fact that they are using the ED. His allegations were of an “election management mechanism”. As remarked by Randeep Singh Surjewala in a press meeting. He had also commented on the reasons why BJP has been attacking Rahul Gandhi. Mr. Surjewala said that it is because the BJP government is scared of Rahul Gandhi’s truthfulness towards the public. And his stance against the government on various matters recently on the inflation rates in the country. Harish Rawat, the Congress’s leader, stated that the party’s protest will continue on Tuesday.

Mr. Surjewala had also taken a jibe against Home Minister Amit Shah by commenting “chronology samjhiye”. As he had listed out the reasons for BJP’s stance. He had also accredited Rahul Gandhi for raising the voices of people in the parliament. As the main reason for BJP accusing Mr. Gandhi. He had also accused PM Narendra Modi of being a “agent of friendly industrialists”. Thus, referring to the Rafael deal and the deal with the Adanis. 

Further updates on the investigation are still awaited. 

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