Former Indian Pacer turned BJP politician Ashok Dinda’s car gets attacked by Unidentified people


Former Indian Pacer turned BJP politician Ashok Dinda has been attacked by the unidentified people. As per the eye witnesses these were TMC goons who were following Dinda’s black scorpio from a long time.

The local Police arrived the incident scene and has took over the control of the situation. Ashok Dinda was campaigning for the second phase of the West Bengal assembly elections, when he was attacked. Former Indian team cricketer Ashok Dinda is a BJP candidate from Myona seat in East Midnapore. He suffered a back injury in this attack. It is alleged that more than fifty TMC supporters surrounded Ashok Dinda’s car near Moyna Bazar.

Further a FIR has been lodged by Dinda’s team and Police are checking for nearby CCTV footage to identify the faces of the attackers. BJP is alleging this a well planned attack on BJP politicians to scare them off before the elections begins. They also accused TMC for sending 50+ of their goons to make this attack on the cricketers car.