Droupadi Murmu beats Yashwant Sinha in MoP ballot count for President of India

The former Jharkhand governor is anticipated to be the next president of the world’s largest democracy.


In the counting of votes of the ballet papers of the members of Parliament (MoP). NDA’s presidential candidate and former Jharkhand governor, Droupadi Murmu has bagged 540 votes translating to a value of 3,78,000 votes. And the opposition’s candidate and the former union minister, Yashwant Sinha received 208 that total a value of 1,45,000 votes.

Out of these votes, 15 have been named as invalid, and the above-mentioned figures were of the voting proceedings carried out by the parliament and announced by P.C Mody, secretary general of Rajya Sabha.


The count of votes made by the members of Parliament today.


Droupadi Murmu is anticipated to be India’s next president after His Excellency President Shri Ramnath Kovind ends his term. If she emerges victorious in these elections, it would be a watershed moment in India’s history as Droupadi Murmu would be India’s 1st tribal president.

Thus, giving representation to majority of India’s underrepresented communities in the nation’s highest office.