Bengal Elections 2021: “BJP’s ideology has killed our greatest leader Mahatma Gandhi,” says Rahul Gandhi in Darjeeling

Bengal legislative assembly elections for 294 seats are scheduled to be held between 27th March to 29th April 2021 in 8 phases.

On Wednesday, April 14, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addressed public rally in Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Rahul Gandhi targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the lockdown announced by the Centre in March 2020, “Last year in February, all Congress leaders and I collectively said to PM that India is going to be affected by COVID. You start preparing to save economy, migrant labourers and small-scale industry. Press mocked me and said I am trying to scare people,” as quoted by ANI.

Congress leader further targeted RSS and BJP and said– “People of Assam say their history and culture are being attacked. Tamil Nadu and Bengal are facing the same thing. Where ever BJP, RSS go, hatred starts to intensify there.”

He further added, “We have an ideological fight with RSS and BJP, not political fight. And this ideology of BJP-RSS has killed our greatest leader, our Guru ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ ji.”

Rahul Gandhi further targeted BJP and said, “Hate and violence – they don’t have anything else. They want to divide Bengal, break it down and end the brotherhood that exists between Bengalis. This is what they are doing in Assam and Tamil Nadu and the result will be bad. We are not fighting elections here, we are protecting the history of Bengal here, the future, so I have come here. I have come here not to give a speech but to tell that if Bengal is divided then the people of Bengal will suffer the most.”

Rahul Gandhi also lashed out on the governance in Uttar Pradesh and said– “BJP set fire to Uttar Pradesh and won elections on its own strength and what happened after that? You go to Uttar Pradesh and see, see the situation there, corona came, hospitals are full of corpses, where people are dying from corona.”

While addressing the rally, Rahul Gandhi also raised the issue of Demonetisation and said, “A few years ago, by Demonetisation, the Prime Minister says that there is a fight against black money. Fight against black money? Millions of people faced problems. The little money that was left in the farmers’ house was gone.”

Bengal legislative assembly elections for 294 seats are scheduled to be held between 27th March to 29th April 2021 in 8 phases. The results for the same will be announced on 2nd May 2021.

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