Ashwani Kumar quits Congress after serving for 4 decades

He felt the party lacks leadership and no longer works towards liberal democracy envisioned by our freedom fighters.


Erstwhile Law Minister and ex-MP of Rajya Sabha – Punjab, Ashwani Kumar today left Congress Party bringing his 4 decades of association to an end.

He sent his resignation letter to the Congress supremo Sonia Gandhi stating he could cater to serve national interests outside the party.

Ashwani Kumar’s association goes back to two generations with the Congress Party. He was unhappy with the party’s vision and could clearly see a lack of leadership for quite some time now.

He felt he was stagnating and had continued more than his patience could carry him, he found no majority to his ideas in the Party. he felt he was losing himself in the chaos.

Ashwani also stated the recent debatable events around the statue of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and conferring the 3rd highest civilian Padma Bhushan to Ghulam Nabi Azad ignited his decision.

He also shared the unfortunate event of how the former CM of Punjab Amarinder Singh was treated.

Ashwani in his statement said, “The former CM of Punjab was humiliated publicly and that was against the principles the Congress stood for.”

He also raised concerns about the open contest for the post of CM in Punjab (between PCC chief Navjot Singh Sidhu and CM Channi) claiming it showed how bad the Party was showcased.

The erstwhile Law Minister has not yet made up his mind as to what the future holds for him where he will join but he definitely will involve himself in active politics and will continue to serve his country.

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