74th Independence Day: PM Modi addresses the nation, talks about Digital India, New Education Policy and Female Empowerment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi touched upon Digital India, New Education Policy and Women Empowerment in his address to the nation today.


On the 15th of August, India celebrates its Independence Day. On this day, every year the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the Red Ford and lays out his vision for the country.

In his speech, this morning Prime minster covered a variety of topics of national interest.
The highlights of the same, with reference to Digital India, New Education Policy and Female empowerment –
On Digital India the Prime Minister said that India is quickly adopting new and advanced technologies including new methods of payment. He mentioned that digital transactions in India have crossed the 3 lakh crore rupees mark.

On the recently announced New Education Policy, he said, that the policy is geared towards making India a key R&D spot for the world while making young Indians global citizens who understand their roots.

On female empowerment, the PM asserted that today women are walking shoulder-to-shoulder with men in all fields including the National Defence Services.