74th Independence Day: PM Narendra Modi talks about Climate Change in his address

Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about Climate Change in his address to the nation today.

On the 15th of August, India celebrates its Independence Day. On this day, every year the Prime Minister addresses the nation from the Red Ford and lays out his vision for the country.

In his speech, this morning Prime minster covered a variety of topics of national interest which also includes the pivotal issue of Climate Change.

On this issue, the Prime Minister said that the subject is of great importance to his administration. To push this agenda forward they are looking to greater clean energy and solar power initiatives to reduce the per capita carbon footprint in the country.

He said that the world saw India defend itself in Ladakh and they will also see us defend ourselves in the battle against Climate Change.

This initiative will focus on significantly reducing pollution levels in cities across the country.

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