15th President of India: When and how will he/she be declared? Check all updates

The results of the presidential polls are likely to be out today and the counting of votes will begin at Parliament House at 11 am.


President of India: The results of the president of India polls are likely to be out on July 21st, 2022. The counting of votes will begin at Parliament House at 11 am.

The voting took place on July 18 and was completed in a peaceful and non-disruptive manner.

The ripe contest is between BJP-led NDA candidate Droupadi Murmu and opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha. However, the NDA candidate is believed to have a stronger and more certain edge in the contest. She would also create iconic history as the 1st tribal woman to be President of India.

The voting ended at 5 pm at the Parliament House and at designated places in the capitals of all states besides the UTs of Puducherry and Delhi on Monday.

15th President of India to be elected

Of the 736 electors comprising 727 MPs and nine MLAs who were permitted by the Election Commission to vote at Parliament House. Hence, 728 electors cast their vote. This includes 719 MPs and nine MLAs. The total turnout at Parliament House was 98.91 per cent.

Arrangements were made to bring back the polled ballot boxes from states to Parliament House by July 19.

The counting will take place in Room No 63 in Parliament House and the result of the new President elect will be declared immediately after the counting. Also, the immediate precincts of Room Number 63 have been declared as a sanitized and “silent zone”.

Thus the basic process of the President elect polling is as follows:

1. First, the returning officers sort and check the votes that were cast.

2. During polling, MPs write down their order of preferences on ballot papers using green pens, while MLAs use pink pens.

3. During the counting, there will be two trays, one for each candidate, Murmu and Sinha, the ballot papers of legislative assembly members will be sorted first, followed by sorting of ballot papers of parliamentarians.

4. The papers with Murmu’s name will be placed in the tray with her name. Further those for Sinha in the one with his name. The counting will begin only after the sorting is completed.

5. The value of each MP’s vote is 700, totalling 543,200 for total 776 members of Parliament. The value of each legislator’s vote depends on their state’s population; the total value of votes of 4,033 MLAs is 543,231. Therefore, as many as 4,809 electors vote during presidential elections, with the overall value of their votes being 1,086,431.

6. The nominee who polls more votes than the required quota, i.e 50% of total valid votes polled +1, is declared winner.

The Victorious candidate now President will take oath on July 25. Which would be a day after the final day in office of the incumbent First Citizen, President Ram Nath Kovind.