Which are the top YouTube channels to learn about Indian stock market?

We will present to you the list of the top YouTube channels to learn about the Indian stock market

There are a lot of YouTubers who are amazing in providing knowledge regarding trading stocks. Let’s share with you the list of top YouTuber channels that provides facts about the Indian stock market.

The Top YouTubers channels for learning the Indian stock market


1. Pranjal Kamra

He is one of the best YouTubers of the stock market field through his channel. In his channel, he shares knowledge which he has gained about the stock market investments and learning, investment strategy, personal finance, career tips and much more. He has 2.74 million subscribers on his channel. He also teaches on how to improve in trading. He runs a website named Finology.in. Pranjal also started hosting workshops, courses that offer financial advice and research services.

2. Market Gurukul

Mr Edward owns the channel Market Gurukul and provides the best technical analysis knowledge in the stock market field. His channel has 477 thousand subscribers. The main agenda of this channel is to inbuilt the trading skills of their viewers so that they become an expert in stock trading.

3. Elearnmarkets

This channel has 531 thousand subscribers. The channel virtually gives insights into the Indian stock market. Elearnmarkets teaches financial literacy, stock market trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis and interviews. This channel upload videos in different languages such as Hindi, English and Bengali.

4. FinnovationZ

This channel contains 1.51 million subscribers. The channel provides knowledge about investments, mutual fund basics, book summaries, financial scams, etc. It uses graphical images and animated videos to make it easy for viewers to understand.

5. Trading Chanakya

This channel provides knowledge about the technical aspects. It consists of 355 thousand subscribers. Trading Chanakya shares quality content and if one wants to learn the best strategies on stock trading, they must view this channel.