The Passion Man – Dr GD Singh shares his thoughts on being successful

Dr GD Singh shares his formula on being successful and people management through his experience since the year 2005.


They laugh at me saying I think different, I laugh at them because they all think the same!

It’s not the conventional way which takes you up the ladder in this fast-moving competitive world, what’s needed is the extra edge in thinking and the right element of positive energy crushed inside the thinking which makes you different and stands out my dear.

Since the beginning of my career in late 2005, I have always been experimenting with my thought process and strongly believe that the conscious mind is greatly controlled by our sub-consciousness and hence the biggest influencer of our mind-set is played by the subconscious mind which controls our consciousness; so just don’t sit back and help yourself to change the way you think.

Success to me is when people start copying you, laugh it loud for yourself since it’s the time for you to pat your back; you are now successful, and the formula works. Never feel being cheated or feel as someone else have taken your idea or he will grow overnight big since they can’t think and believe in adapting to your successful formula, still but they don’t know that each one of us is different, and for each individual, the winning formula is not the same.

Dr GD Singh opines, “I personally believe it’s always best to make a goal and keep it firmly in your subconscious mind which then keep on reminding your conscious mind which create a double impact on your thinking and with the right spirit those goals are achieved.”

So if you are aiming at becoming a successful person, no one is stopping you but yourself, since to achieve anything you will have to think about it first and second make a strong will & desire to achieve. Work with passion & will, aim in the right direction to make sure your thinking is going in the right direction, check back take control of your mind and work again I am sure this habit will not just make you look different, but you will stand out from the crowd.

Just like branding & marketing budget for business, one must keep a personal branding budget as well since what matters the most is what people say when you are not in the room, and that’s what personal branding is all about I think the moment your perceived value grows in the eyes of onlookers you are ought to get that attention in the room.

Follow your heart and follow your passion, each day, think about how you can inspire people around you and for that think differently since that’s the most important winning formula as per me. If you really love something passionately and the desire is from within I am sure there is nothing which can stop you in making it to the top, it’s just your idea & creativity which makes you different and don’t ever lose your identity in copying other rather let other follow you, since a leader is the one who creates more leaders and not followers.

Above are the views & opinions expressed by the author – Dr GD Singh, Founder & President of Unified Brainz Virtuoso Limited, Founder & Chairman of Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry (AACCI), Founder & President of World Peace & Diplomacy Organisation (WPDO) & CIAC Global Foundation. He is a Global Management Consultant, Brand Maker, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Media Host, Producer & Investor, Changemaker and World peace Advocate.

He is an avid traveler, a globe trotter and global speaker who has over a decade of experience and specializes in the subject matter of branding & marketing; he has his business interests in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, UK & UAE and for his unmatched wisdom and zeal to lead society he has bagged many prestigious titles, awards & accolades’.

Dr GD Singh was recently bestowed with the title of “Global Indian of the Year-2019” by Optimal Media, A Times Group Company & the Economic Times during the ET Enterprise Icons 2019 on 25th Sep 2019 award function held at Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His love for global peace and the humanitarian side of him almost always overtook his other passions. The recognition that he has received from the like minded eminent gentry has earned him respect worldwide. He is a true leader for the next generation.