Shinde-Fadnavis Government: All the major projects approved since being sworn-in-office

Shinde-Fadnavis Government have implemented various policies for the development of the state of Maharashtra, Check Details.

After the election of Eknath Shinde as the Chief Minister and Devendra Fadnavis as the Deputy CM, the government of Maharashtra has taken up the work of developing of the state. The state cabinet which currently consists of two people had taken a decision of reviving of the old development plans. Which were implemented by the Fadnavis government. But were scrapped by the Maha Vikas Aghadi Government.

One of policies that were revived have given the power to the Agriculture Produce Market Committee(APMC) elections. This policy was implemented so that the National Congress Party(NCP) and the Congress cooperatives holding over the state bodies can be weakened.


Eknath Shinde’s government has stayed all proposals under the 2022-23 district plan until the New District ministers are appointed by the government. The total year’s allocation proposed by Ajit Pawar to the government was for 36 districts, a total of Rs. 13340 crores. It was reported that the MLA’s who had been against the Thackeray government did not receive the proper allocation of resources for their individual district development. They had also mentioned that petitions were filed but no response was received from either Thackeray or Ajit Pawar. Reports suggest that the district development plan is the primary concern of the giver net at this moment in time.

The other decisions included a pension for the political activists who were imprisoned during the emergency from 1975-1977. There were almost 3600 such activists who were eligible for such pensions from the state. This scheme of pensions was first started by the Fadnavis government but was later discontinued by the Thackeray government.

Another major decision taken by the new government is the overturning of the implemented water conservation departments contracts. Which were worth Rs. 5020 crores without even assigning them any reason. This was the third initiative that was earlier implemented by the Thackeray government but was overturned by the current government. Deputy CM Fadnavis had also proposed the resumption of his pet project “Jalyukt Shivar” project.

Another project that the Shinde-Fadnavis government have initiated is the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train, as per the latest report they have given all the necessary clearances for the successful pass of this project with a fund of Rs. 1.1 lakh crore. The training plan that has been set states that the train is supposed to go through 12 stations in both states. The decision was anticipated as the new government was formed. The bill was fast-forwarded through the administrative cycle for its early implementation. In terms of the fare of the train, the Shinde government has decided that the fare will be the same. As the First AC train fare. Other infrastructural developments in terms of new highway projects between Mumbai and Delhi have also been initiated.