Rose Hanbury breaks silence over affair rumors with Prince Williams amidst disappearance of Kate Middleton

Over the past couple of weeks, the fans of royal family have been embroiled with the mystery of Kate Middleton’s absence post her recovery from abdominal surgery. There have been many speculations behind her disappearance from public, and relationship problems with Prince Williams makes for a strong base. You might have also heard the name – Rose Hanbury, also known as the Marchioness of Cholmondeley. She has made it to the mystery due to the rumors of having an affair with Williams in the past. The topic was also touched by Stephen Colbert during his reality show.

However, for the record, the evidence of any romance that is claimed to have happened between the two is non-existential. Perhaps spurred by the sudden renewed interest in her sex life, Hanbury herself weighed in for the first time this weekend. In a conversation with Business Insider, her lawyers have stated that “the rumors are completely false.”


While this does not get us anywhere near the whereabout of Princess of Wales, it also mean that the internet folks won’t stop talking about the poor Marchioness any time soon.