President Putin breaks grain export agreement with Ukraine after signing it

Russia attacks the port of Odessa in Ukraine where millions of tonnes of wheat are waiting to be exported.

Ukraine: Russian armed forces rained down missiles on the port of Odessa in the Black sea with Kalibr Cruise Missiles shortly after signing an agreement with Ukraine to open up the naval blockade on the Black sea.

The Russians and the Ukrainians agreed to let a safe passage of Ukrainian wheat be exported to the world markets. And the UN and Turkish authorities signed an identical deal as well.


The deal permitted up to 5 million tones of wheat to be shipped out of Odessa while the merchant ships were to be guided out with the help of pilot ships through the mine-laden seas as Russians agreed to not attack them.

According to the Ukrainian armed forces, the port of Odessa was hit by Russian missiles. Which was in the early hours of the morning.

Ukraine’s Operational Command South wrote on Telegram. “The enemy attacked the Odesa sea trade port with Kalibr cruise missiles. Two missiles were shot down by air defence forces; two hit the infrastructure of the port.”

This comes shortly after the UN said that 44 million people worldwide would be “marching towards starvation”. Due to war and droughts, and called the deal a “beacon of hope”.

Oleh Nikolenko, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s foreign ministry, said: “The Russian missile is Vladimir Putin’s spit in the face of UN Secretary-General António Guterres and President of Turkey Recep Erdogan, who made enormous efforts to reach an agreement, and to whom Ukraine is grateful.”

Olesky Honcharenko, a local parliamentarian wrote on Telegram about the city’s port’s infrastructure being attacked and subsequently catching fire.

There is no certainty and clarity over the amount of damage and casualties the missile strikes have caused.