Nisha Gupta inspires people in her own ways

Blogging is not everyone’s cup of tea, since it is an evolving and everyday changing industry. Coming from a finance background that again is a tough sector. But it wouldn’t be wrong in calling Nisha Gupta a true social media influencer looking at the fine balance that she has maintained. Profession and passion can be balanced aptly is what Nisha Gupta teaches with her journey.

The beautiful blogger always wanted to do something in the fashion and lifestyle industry but had a zeal to ace her academics too. She started off when blogging was introduced in the Indian culture. From the beginning itself she was clear with her niche and day in an out, her hard work spoke for her. But this journey was indeed tough, being an outsider in this newly introduced industry and also managing work wasn’t easy. Her maximum time went in manual research because of lack of tools. But this super blogger made it to being an Indian influencer to even go abroad, promoting Srilankan airlines.

Worked with popular brands like Amazon, Myntra, KFC, Imprint Malls and Nivea to name a few; Nisha still continues with her struggles every single day. “It’s not easy to sustain and keep up with the content in today’s competitive market. Everything is changing rapidly and it’s necessary for me to upgrade myself too. Managing time while working is a big task but I think the results are worth it. We have one life and why not make the best out of it? I have my plans in place, I want to work with some A listed International brands in the coming years. Meanwhile, thanking everyone who supported me in my journey.”

Her amazing work can be seen on her Instagram @ng__nishi

Such is today’s powerful woman! We wish her much luck and success ahead.

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