Meet the Startup World’s First Cat Co-founder, Perryy

ZenStickers, a number-one stop for vinyl laptop stickers, has a story to narrate. It all began with a late-night inspiration and a furry friend named Perryy, the company’s mascot and, now officially, its co-founder.

Akshay Godara, the founder of Zensticker, briefed, “The journey initially was frustrating. While ordering stickers online, I came across that there was a lack of quality and service in the sticker industry.”


He further adds, “From there, the idea for ZenStickers sparked in my mind at around 1:00 am. Within three hours, I had designed a website, launched a prototype, and created the first four sticker designs myself.”

A Team Effort with a Playful Twist

While the initial spark came from Akshay, ZenStickers’ success is all due to its team! By December 13th, 2023, 12 passionate designers joined hands to build a startup into an army of the corporate world, allowing Akshay to focus on his core strength – design leadership.

Perry: The Pawsitive Force

Perryy, an adopted Turkish cat, represented Akshay’s vision of stickers – the spirit of fun and personalisation. She brings in a playful and energetic work environment, motivating the team to come up with the best of their ideas, creativity and design. With this enthusiasm and positivity, Perry soon became an inseparable part of ZenStickers’s journey.

Becoming the Market Leader

In just 28 days, ZenStickers achieved profitability, and within 50 days, it became India’s largest sticker store. Currently, the company is coming up with more vibrant themes, catering to the interests of a young GenZ clientele. Its commitment to quality, feature top-grade materials and a focus on customer satisfaction, makes it India’s leading shop for buying vinyl laptop stickers.

Radiating Pixel-Perfect Personality

ZenStickers is built on emotions, which is reflected in its stickers, allowing customers to pick their favourite one through a range of stickers. The company’s diverse themes, fast response times, and ongoing sales make ZenStickers the perfect partner for its users looking to add a touch of personality to their gadgets.

It’s a Story

ZenStickers is a brand that is capturing the hearts of sticker enthusiasts nationwide. Its story of perseverance, passion, and a touch of feline inspiration exemplifies the power of believing in dreams and fostering a creative work environment.