Longest-serving Michigan senator, Carl Levin, passes away at the age of 87

A senator who targeted issues like tax shelters, armed funding & production jobs. A senator who was the outspoken and sincere leader. A senator who is no more physically but will be remembered and saluted eternally.


Carl Levin was a mighty voice from Washington on army issues & a steadfast advocate of the auto industry. He has the record of being the longest-serving senator. He was famous for defending the ‘War of Iraq.’ and he also examined the abuse of USA detainees while fighting corporate scams. He died at the age of 87 and is survived by his wife, three daughters, and numerous grandchildren.

The family has released a statement after his demise, “We are all devastated by his loss. But we are filled with gratitude for all of the support that Carl received throughout his extraordinary life and career, enabling him to touch so many people and accomplish so much good.”

His journey is quite inspiring as he survived as a taxi driver and took his 1953’s membership card in his pocket despite its expiry and after that went to Harvard to become a civil rights attorney. His range of struggles is incredible. Levin has got the account of being courteous, outspoken. His scholastic presence provided him the ability to work with republicans and democrats. He also worked as an advocate for gun control and stem cell research. His assistance in giving $25 billion in guarantees to Chrysler & General Motors. Offshore tax havens cost at least $100 billion to the US government but, Carl drove this legislation and cracked lost taxes down.

He said, “The Great Recession has slashed the economy but, the auto industry needs vibrant changes to reconstruct the economy.” In 1978, Levin got elected for the first time as a senator. He targeted issues like tax shelters, armed funding & production jobs. 36 years of service will be remembered forever.