Kate Middleton’s photo editing fiasco has only added much to everybody’s concern

Princess Kate Middleton’s photo editing fiasco has accidentally done more harm than good in silencing mass speculation about her well0being according to a former royal butler.

The Princess of Wales was forced to issue an apology for releasing a photoshopped picture with her children on UK’s Mother’s Day on Sunday. The picture was released amidst her recovering from abdominal surgery behind closed doors.


However, along with mounting chatter about the royal’s post-surgery recovery, the image’s release has ended up causing concerns, says King Charles’ former butler Grant Harrold.

Harrold, who worked for the monarch for seven years, said, “Of course, it does cause concern because everybody is over-analyzing it at the moment, and everybody is worried about her and is looking to see for any kind of signs.” He added that it is only because of the Princess taking this time out that the photo editing has made it to the headlines. In any other scenario, “it would’ve been a case of simply acknowledging that they’ve edited the photo a bit.”

No sooner then the picture was released online, eagle-eyed followers were quick to point out the mishaps in the photo.