Dr. Balvir S. Tomar Net Worth and Life Story: Founder and Chairman Of Nims University, News India 24x7 and Niflux Led Lights | Business Upturn

Dr. Balvir S. Tomar Net Worth and Life Story: Founder and Chairman Of Nims University, News India 24×7 and Niflux Led Lights

Who Is Dr. Balvir S. Tomar?

Dr. Tomar, a pediatrician, academician, entrepreneur, and researcher, earned his medical degree from Gajra Raja Medical College in the 1970s. He continued his educational journey with post-graduation at the same college and pursued further studies in Pediatric Gastroenterology at King’s College London. His thirst for knowledge eventually led him to Harvard University to study Pediatric Nutrition.


With over 50 years of dedicated service, Dr. B.S. Tomar made significant contributions to the field of pediatric gastroenterology. His pioneering work in the study of treatment and drugs for Indian Childhood Cirrhosis (ICC) marked a turning point in pediatric care in India. In the 1970s through 1980, he established the first pediatric gastroenterology institute at SMS Medical College in Jaipur, significantly improving the condition of pediatric patients.

Dr. Tomar’s path to success was shaped by his forward-thinking leadership and innovative approaches. As the founder & Chairman of  NIMS University, a significant presence in the fields of medicine and education in North India, he brought about a transformation in the education sector. By emphasizing the empowerment of employees and the satisfaction of students, Prof. Tomar not only established new standards for success but also turned NIMS into a prominent educational institution.

A devoted bibliophile, he gravitates towards literature that instills discipline and motivation. Currently, he finds solace in books like ‘The Effective Executive’ and has already delved into titles like ‘Zero to One,’ ‘How Big Things Get Done,’ and ‘Doing the Impossible.’

Dr. Tomar’s journey from a humble beginning to the pinnacle of success required decades of hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment.

Career and Ventures

Presently, Dr. B.S. Tomar is the Chair and Managing Director of the NIMS Global Group, overseeing its many wings. He has made education and healthcare accessible through NIMS University and Hospital. Niflux LED Lights is a market leader when it comes to LEDS and spans across many nations. News India 24/7 upholds the ethical standards of journalism, and the newly inaugurated NIMS Heart and Brain Hospital focuses on stroke management and prevention. Niflux Pharmaceuticals and Gyrocopter Aviation India Pvt. Ltd. also attribute quality in their respective fields.

In the field of education, Dr. Tomar has embraced NEP 2020 guidelines, equipping the youth with advanced technologies such as Robotics and AI. NIMS Hospital adheres to international healthcare standards. Niflux LED Lights is a well-established LED brand. News India is a leading channel for responsible journalism, and NIMS Heart and Brain Stroke Hospital specializes in stroke care and prevention.

Philanthropy and Initiatives

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Dr. Tomar is a dedicated philanthropist committed to improving the world and upliftment of people. His philanthropic initiatives include:

  • Providing free education for female children born at NIMS Hospital.
  • Promoting girl child education.
  • Offering free patient meals.
  • Supporting local villages.
  • Fostering sports talent.
  • Raising health awareness.
  • Aiding widows.
  • Managing bio-waste.
  • Assisting students in career development.
  • Combating drug abuse.
  • Promoting organ donations.

Dr. Tomar, an advocate of environmental conservation, has guided the NIMS Global Group to align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) framework. As a part of this commitment, NIMS has established the Global Center for Sustainable Development and embraced 10 SDGs. These goals are actively observed every month, beginning this November.

Dr. Tomar firmly believes that the creation of new institutions isn’t always necessary; instead, you should work on the existing ones that can be equally impactful. He elaborates on their philanthropic approach, emphasizing the importance of identifying a cause, building trustworthy and transparent institutions or individuals, and ensuring accountability in the process.

Net Worth and Earning Assets 2023

At 73, Dr. Balvir S. Tomar, a business magnate with a Estimated  Networth of INR 415 crores, shifted his focus towards employability and employee-centric initiatives. Dr. B S Tomar redefined the concept of success with his uphill battle, highlighting the keywords in his life as determination, relentless hard work, dedication, and consistency.

His entrepreneurial journey has seen him amass a substantial net worth of INR 414 crores, stemming from ventures like NIMS University & Hospital (NHBH Included), Niflux LED Lights, News India 24×7, Niflux Pharmaceuticals, and Gyrocopter Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Balvir S. Tomar’s life is a demonstration of his remarkable journey, carving a distinctive niche in India’s business landscape. Presently, the NIMS Global Group employs over 17,000 individuals and educates more than 15,000 students at Nims University Rajasthan.

Some Interesting Facts

– As the visionary behind the NIMS University Rajasthan, which boasts as the finest university in North India.

– He is a thought leader who explores contemporary concepts of employability and employee well-being, bringing a fresh perspective to the fields.

-Other than Gajra Raja, Dr. Tomar has pursued his education at Harvard University and Kings College London. He hold numerous Salutations, M.B.B.S., M.D., M.C.H.(USA), M.I.A.P., M.A.H.T.(ENGLAND), F.I.A.P.,F.A.A.P.(USA), F.I.C.A. (USA), F.A.C.U. (LONDON).

– Dr. Tomar is known as the Father of Indian Pediatrics for his resolute commitment to making a positive impact by finding a cure for Indian Child Cirrhosis (ICC).

– Creative strategies and imaginative leadership in the education sector marked his rise to prominence. He is among the first in North India to implement the SDGs in adherence to UN and NEP 2020.

– He transformed the education sector as the founder and Chairman of the NIMS University and Hospital, a major player in North India’s medical and educational industries.

– His work has been published in many medical journals, including Advances in Pediatrics and lessons dedicated to him in the Indian Journal of Pediatrics textbook.

– Dr. Tomar believes in the mantra “Nothing Is Impossible,” and his fearless spirit drives him to overcome challenges.