List of companies owned by Cyrus Poonawalla

The Poonawalla Group is a diverse, international conglomerate that is well-known in several industries, including real estate, healthcare, banking, and aviation.

One of the biggest names in Indian healthcare is Cyrus Poonawalla, the founder and chairman of the Poonawalla Group. Poonawalla, born in 1941, started as a small horse breeding farm and built it into a multibillion-dollar conglomerate, making him one of the richest people in India.

Poonawalla’s extraordinary success has been fueled by his vision, tenacity, and an unshakable dedication to excellence. His charitable endeavours, especially in healthcare and education, have brought him international acclaim and respect, solidifying his reputation as a trailblazing leader and agent of positive change.


Cyrus Poonawalla, a horse breeder’s son, established the Serum Institute of India in 1966 and grew it to become the largest vaccine manufacturer in the world (measured in doses). With its main office near Mumbai in Pune City, Serum manufactures more than 1.5 billion doses of immunisations per year, including those against the flu, polio, and measles.

Serum’s CEO, Adar, was educated in the United Kingdom, and the company invested $800 million to construct a new factory to produce COVID-19 vaccines. During the pandemic, the vaccine most commonly used in India was Serum’s Covishield, which AstraZeneca and Oxford University created. Poonawalla’s holdings include a majority interest in Poonawalla Fincorp, a publicly traded financial services company, and a stake in Pune’s The Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Here’s a list of companies owned by Cyrus Poonawalla

Cyrus Poonawalla Group 

The Poonawalla Group is a diverse, international conglomerate that is well-known in several industries, including real estate, healthcare, banking, and aviation. Cyrus Poonawalla founded the organisation, which has expanded from modest beginnings to become a worldwide force with operations spanning several nations and thousands of employees.

With the help of Poonawalla’s leadership, the team has continuously pushed the envelope of innovation, utilising cutting-edge tools and implementing eco-friendly procedures to spur growth and benefit all parties involved. It has established a solid reputation as a reliable and conscientious corporate citizen thanks to its dedication to quality and moral business conduct.

Poonawalla Fincorp 

Specialising in consumer loans, small and medium enterprise (SME) lending, and commercial vehicle financing, Poonawalla Fincorp is a leading non-banking financial company (NBFC) belonging to the Poonawalla Group. Poonawalla Fincorp, which places a high priority on innovation and customer-centricity, has become known as a reliable partner for people and companies looking for affordable, customised financial solutions.

Poonawalla Aviation

The aviation division of the Poonawalla Group is called Poonawalla Aviation, and it provides a number of services like maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) as well as aircraft management and charter operations. Serving the various needs of both corporate and individual clients, Poonawalla Aviation has established itself as a leading supplier of aviation solutions thanks to its fleet of contemporary aircraft and staff of highly qualified professionals.

Serum Institute of India

The jewel in the Poonawalla Group’s crown and one of the biggest vaccine producers in the world is the Serum Institute of India (SII). SII, under the direction of Adar Poonawalla, the son of Cyrus Poonawalla, has been instrumental in the fight against COVID-19, generating billions of doses of vaccine and supporting the international effort to contain the pandemic.

Modern manufacturing facilities and a dedication to quality and affordability have made SII a reliable partner for both governments and international organisations, guaranteeing millions of people worldwide access to life-saving vaccines.

Bilthoven Biologicals B.V.

The Poonawalla Group purchased the Dutch biopharmaceutical company Bilthoven Biologicals B.V. in 2019. Bilthoven Biologicals B.V., which specialises in the creation and production of novel vaccines and biotherapeutics, has been at the forefront of cutting-edge research, advancing the development of solutions for global healthcare.

The Poonawalla Group has increased its presence in the biopharmaceutical sector through calculated acquisitions and alliances, using its resources and experience to promote innovation and enhance patient outcomes globally.