Andy Cohen intensifies Prince Williams affair rumors with Rose Hanbury by calling him ‘his father’s’ son

Andy Cohen was not afraid of bringing up the rumors of Prince Williams affair with Rose Hanbury whilst discussing the disappearance of Princess Kate Middleton from public eye.

During the Friday episode of his Daddy Diaries podcast, Andy speculated that the gossip about William and Rose might have played a part in Kate’s disappearance from the public eye post her abdominal surgery.


“It all seems to come back to this Lady Rose who he’s had an affair – who he allegedly had an affair with,” said Andy drawing reference to resurfaced rumors from 2019 about William and Rose. The host mentioned that William had broken up with Kate after dating her for years, and went back to her, only after sowing his wild oats for a time.

Andy went on to call William his “his father’s [son],” referencing to King Charles III, who infamously cheated on his former wife Princess Diana with his now wife, Queen Camilla.