Ajit Pawar calls Maharashtra govt. to provide aid to rain-affected farmers

During the heavy rainfall, around 125 people died and many animals drowned away. According to the NCP leader, the Maharashtra Govt. ought to provide help to these farmers

Ajit Pawar, the leader of the opposition in Maharashtra, asked on Tuesday that the state government offer prompt aid to farmers from Vidarbha and Marathwada whose land has been harmed by heavy rains.

Pawar further claimed that the Marathwada and Vidarbha regions saw significant rainfall in the middle of July, which washed away the fertile layer of soil.


A few farmers won’t be able to till their field for a few days due to the loss of the fertile layer. According to the NCP leader, the state ought to provide help to these farmers.

Farmers in Marathwada and Vidarbha have lost practically everything as a result of the destruction of cash crops like soyabean and cotton, he claimed.

”If farmers need to carry out another round of sowing, the state should provide seeds that take less time to grow. Such measures can ease the farmers’ woes,” Pawar said.

According to the former deputy chief minister, “The rains have also killed livestock and destroyed drip irrigation equipment, wells, power transformers, and roads leading to major cities. The state must alter some regulations and give these farmers financial support.”

A total of 125 lives died due to heavy rainfall this season, and no assistance has been provided to their family so far, claimed Pawar. The Leader of the opposition appealed to the Maharashtra Governor to look into the matter and help those in need with immediate effect.