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2022 World Leaders that quit from Sri Lanka’s notorious President to UK’s partying PM

2022 has a been a very active year for national as well as world politics. Major world leaders have quit from top offices from Sri Lanka’s infamous Rajapaksa to the United Kingdom’s partyer of a Prime Minister.

2022 has a been a very active year for national as well as world politics. Major world leaders have quit from top offices and the government in a lot of countries. As well as states which have lost their economic and political stability. With the recent resignation of Italian PM Mario Draghi, some of the other world leaders who simply quit are the following:.

Mario Draghi: Mario Draghi said that he would tender his resignation as  the Italian prime minister on Thursday, after a party in his ruling coalition did not participate in a confidence vote. “I will tender my resignation to the president of the republic this evening. The national unity coalition that backed this government no longer exists”. He told the cabinet, according to a statement released by his office. In response to this, the Italian President Sergio Mattarella refused to accept the resignation and invited Draghi to appear before parliament to make a statement.


Boris Johnson: Boris Johnson finally stepped down from his position as the Prime Minister of UK. This too came after after a long procession of Ministers and MPs resigned from their jobs. The resignations made it difficult if not impossible for him to run the government. He did attempt to hold on to his position for a while. But as the departures mounted it became clear he would have to leave if the government was to get back on its feet. Some of the issues that fueled the resignation could be the Partygate scandal, Chris Pincher affair and the Owen Patterson row.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa: Sri Lanka is currently in the grip of economic chaos as it faces an acute shortage of food, fuel and other basic supplies. Mr Rajapaksa quit after fleeing to Singapore amid mass protests over his mismanagement of the economy. With this resignation, Sri Lankans have gotten out of the grip of the rule of a family. Which wielded power for over 20 years.  Currently, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has taken up the position of acting president. Thus joining the club of World Leaders. And has paved the way for the country to begin the process of electing a new president.

Aksar Mamin: The former Prime Minister of Kazakhstan resigned along with his cabinet on January 6, 2022 admist protests against a sharp rise in fuel prices.  Most cars in Kazakhstan use LPG as their fuel because of its low price. The latest move however resulted in doubling the prices of the gas leading to the outbreak of protests. Moreover, first in the oil-rich Mangystau province on the west of the country. But very quickly spreading to the largest city and former capital of the country, Almaty and other cities and provinces. Owing to the unrest, Mamin and his cabinet put in their papers. And continued to remain in office till alternative arrangements were made.